Friday, July 29, 2011

New numbers!!!

Well HAPPY FRIDAY to all, it sure is a happy friday for me!!

I was stuck between 190lbs and 193lbs and could not get past it for some time now, but today my numbers finally dropped and I have entered a new stage of numbers...thats right I am now in the 180s!!!!! I weighed in at 189.4lbs. SOOOOO excited!!! Not only did I enter a new set of numbers but that meants I have a hit a new goal as I have lost a total of 90lbs.

Its a short blog tonight, but I wanted to share this with all of you, I really could not have made it this far without all of you to back me up! Thank you so much for always motivating me, I absolutely love you all!!  I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!! Keep up the GREAT work out there and as always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its all in my head...

Hello and good morning to everyone out there,

Its been a very HOT weekend here, I am talking triple digits. Anyways, I have really  been trying to change my style of clothing, however I have had much difficulty finding stores that spark my style. My mom and I went to an outlet mall yesterday and I was really excited to go, I have dropped several sizes since being heavy and I was ready to try on anything and everything.

We start shopping and for some reason every store I would walk into, I would see the TINY people going in and out of the stores and looking at the size of the clothes I would walk in and then walk out and tell my mom that nothing in that store would probably fit me. Of course she did the mom thing and said "Michelle I hate to tell you, but you will fit into those clothes now."

I guess I feel like when I take my clothes off, ALL of my weight reappears (due to excess skin). And then of course my self esteem drops several points. So what did I come out with from the outlet mall? 3 bras which I needed new bras anyways. Turns out I dropped a complete cup size and actual size (not bad).  However, I wasn't happy walking out of that mall with absolutely no new clothes! I went to the outlet mall wanting to find some really cute tops (different from my typical old navy style which I can't stand anymore) and I always see these really cute long sun dresses and I wanted to find one for myself...again failed. So long story short, I went home a little disappointed thinking there are no stores for me out there!

So I told my sister, Rachel, the story. I have come to the conclusion that I think its better if I go shopping alone. Then I don't have to feel as if I am holding someone up or rushing to look at things. So I decided to attempt shopping once more last night and went to Khols, where I really have never shopped. I was on my way talking to Rachel and telling her about my day and the clothes that I was looking for. She said Khols is a great place to start, but if I wanted a sundress I would have to look for it in the juniors department. Immediate RED FLAG in my mind. I told her are you crazy? There is no way anything from the juniors department is going to fit me. Rachel told me I had to just try, and she assured me that the sundresses would fit. So she wanted me to take her shopping with me, however Rachel lives in FL. So shopping with her was through my camera phone. I actually found a dress that I really liked from the JUNIORS department and sent a picture to my sister and she said "you look adorable, and you better buy that!" haha I definitely took her advice and bought it, and showed my mom and she loved it too! So it turned my bad day in a brighter day!

So I still have to find some cute tops, maybe you all can help me, what stores do you shop at for your cute clothes? I definitely have to get better, and realize im not that heavy girl anymore. It will take some time, but I know I will get there. I will share my picture from the dressing room with you all. Enjoy.

My new Sun it!

As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!! I hope you all are staying cool out there, and I hope everything is doing great! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yup thats the name of it...STUCK! Not as in food in my weight will not BUDGE...ok ok ok it will budge upward but not downward!!! I have been stuggling the past week or so and I even added more exercise into my regiman and for some reason my weight is fluctuating between 190 and 193lbs...I am trying to get to the 180s, but for some reason my body is just not having it right now! HELP!!!

The positive news....I bought my first size 12 jeans :o) SO exciting!! I would be even more excited though if I could get myself into the 180s...any tips or ideas would be GREAT for me!!

I hope you all are doing great out there...Keep up the awesome work...I am reading the great things you all are doing. As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New pictures...

Hey guys!!

Well I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Wilmington, NC. I used to live there and Bryan and I went there for the weekend to see some really good friends. I also took some new pictures. Thought I would share with all of you.

Me...191 lbs Hotel room in NC

Side view 191 lbs

My best friend Amanda and I at Carolina Beach

Bryan and I getting ready for the fireworks
I hope you all have a very Happy 4th of July!! Spend it with the people you love and be safe out there!! As for me the weight is coming off slower these days but I am determined to lose 100lbs and I have 12lbs to go...I know I can do it!!! Enjoy the photos and have a great week out there!!

As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!