Thursday, March 31, 2011

New numbers are In :o)

Well I am smiling BIG today :o)

First I want to say sorry I haven't blogged in a while, as my sister would say I am a little behind..haha, but I am about to catch you all up on what has been going on.

As you all are aware I am a new graduated Nurse and I just got hired for my first job which is at a Pediatricians Doctors office. Now I can't tell you how long I have been searching for a job, but a lot of companies didn't want to hire a new graduate. So of course I went through a lot of frustrations but then I told myself to think positively and something will come along...and it did! I just started my new job this week and I love it so far!

As for my weight I have hit a brand new low! I have hit two big goals I guess you could say. First of all today when I weighed myself I hit my 70lb weight loss!!! Thats right, as of today I am now down 70lbs since October. My new low number is 209.4lbs. I am out of the teens for good!! I can't even tell you how amazing it feels and how good I actually feel. That means I am 10lbs way from ONEderland!!! I do not even remember the last time I was at this weight let alone being in the 100s...although I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I promise to keep you all informed when that time comes!

Don't think for one second that I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading because I have even though I haven't been good about writing a blog myself. But you all are doing amazing things out there and I am so lucky to be able to be a part of all of this. Keep up the great work out there and hopefully I will have some new pictures coming soon, I know I haven't posted any in a long time, but they are coming!

As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday...

Good Morning everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. I started my morning with waking up to a lovely thunder/lightening storm...LOVE it! haha and then I woke up and hit the gym this morning. Awesome feeling!

Most of you know I hit a HUGE accomplishment last week and jogged my first mile the entire way through! So this morning I told myself yeah I am going to jog, but its okay if I don't make it to a mile. Well I surprised myself yet again and was able to jog the FULL mile! Its such a great feeling knowing that I am able to do that. I never thought I would even like jogging let alone exercise! Its a part of my life now and I love it!

So while I was at the gym, I over heard these 2 women discussing this website where you can go online and track your daily diet, exercise, measurements, and pretty much EVERYTHING. So I took a look at it and its a free website, but it has quite a bit of stuff on there and so I wanted to share it will all of you. Its, I tired it out and its a really cool website. Very easy to use and it calculates everything for you. If you type in a food and it doesn't have it then if you have the nutrition label of that food it allows you to create your own label. You can fix the serving sizes and everthing. I wasn't sure who likes to track their daily intake and exercise, but I like doing it because it keeps me accountable so I hope it comes in handy for anyone who likese to keep track of what they are doing.

I hope everyone has a great week. My goal this week is to try and make it to the gym everyday this week and make sure I am really focusing on my food intake and fluid intake. Weigh in day will be friday for me. As always lets shed those extra pounds together!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

End of the Week Weight In...

Its been a very long week, but it sure did pay off! As most of you know, I have hit a huge accomplishment in my week...yup I jogged a full mile! Woo hoo! I also did my first step class this week. Wow that was a tough, but VERY fun class and I got an awesome work out! So I joined the gym this week, I was going on a free pass that I had, but now I actually belong and I am so excited to be able to go to a gym now instead of just in my basement! Now on the the good stuff haha...

Starting Weight: 279.0lbs
Todays Weight: 213.0lbs
Total Weight loss: 66lbs

I am so excited to be so close to my first goal which is to be under 200lbs. I also figured out that the last time I was a size 16, I was in my sophomore year of high school, and I actually think I weigh less now than I did then. CRAZY. It has been such a long time since I have been around this weight and I am so excited to hit my first small goal!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and as always, lets shed those extra pounds together!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HUGE Accomplishment...

I have friends that seem to think getting the Lap Band is the easy way out. That after you get the Lap Band the weight just falls off and I don't have to do anything. I am sure all of us have heard this before. But I really just have to say the Lap Band doesn't make you exercise, it doesn't make you sick when you are eating somehting you aren't supposed to, it doesn't make you change your diet...all of these things WE have to do ourselves. The Lap Band is simply a tool to restrict how much we let into our bodies at one time. Do I choose to exercise? YES...Do I choose what gets put into my body and what doesn't? YES...Do I choose to change my old bad habits into good habits? YES. The Lap Band doesn't make these decisions for me.

Today I accomplished something that I have never done before. I jogged an entire mile on the treadmill this morning. I went to the gym with  my mom this morning and told myself that I wasn't going to jog because I was a little sore from jogging 11 mintues straight yesterday. So I was power walking this morning and I decided that I do want to jog. Did I think I was going to make it as long as I did yesterday? No not at all. But I suprised myself and went further. I jogged an entire mile in 14 and a half minutes. I cannot even begin to describe the glow on my face afterwards that I actually accomplished this. I am definitely sore now, but its so worth it!

I have NEVER jogged an entire mile in my life. The last time I was even told to run a mile was in high school in PE class where they made the students run a mile every friday. I never used to run it because I was over weight and because I didn't like the fact that they forced all the students to do this. It used to take me more than 20 mintues to complete a mile in high school.

This was such a huge accomplishment for me today and it only makes me want to work that much harder. My mom was right there on the treadmill next to me and after I told her I had just jogged a mile she couldn't believe it and was excited for me as well. The feeling I have is just amazing!

Ceejay left me a comment yesterday that said "isn't it exciting to think that you might actually be atheletic" I have to say its such an amazing feeling that I would NEVER think or consider myself to be athletic, but we are all working towards that goal and I am so excited to be able to consider myself atheletic. I am not there yet, but I am getting there and I will get there in the future!

Thank you guys for all of your support! I truely love that there is always a support system waiting for me whenever I open my laptop! I couldn't make this journey without all of you so Thank you! I hope everyone has a great tuesday and lets shed those extra pounds together!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

11 minute Jog...

Happy Monday everyone!!

As you all know I have been complaining about working out in my basement...haha. Well this past weekend was gorgeous! Saturday was my moms birthday and we spent most of the day in baltimore with my grandma just due to the fact that my dad had to help her with some things. So while my dad was helping my grandma my mom and I decided we were going to go out around the neighborhood and walk. We walked 3 miles and it felt so good to be outside and walking!

Sunday was even more gorgeous so my parents and my boyfriend and I took the dogs to the park and walked about a mile and a half. I actually jogged a little bit which was my first time since losing weight that I was able to even jog outside! Amazing feeling!

My mom belongs to a gym and I am really interested in joining. I hear all of you talk about zumba classes and some of you do spinning and I have never done either. So my mom got me a week free at her gym, and then of course if I like it im going to join. So this morning I got up with my mom and we went to the gym. There weren't any classes that I could do this morning so we went on my best friend...the treadmill. Its nice though because each treadmill is hooked up to its own TV so all of you have to do is bring a pair of headphones and you can watch what you want.

So im walking on the treadmill and I have been so in the mood to jog lately and Im not sure why. So I started jogging...dont get me wrong I am definteily still at a slow paced run, but for some reason this mornig when I was jogging, I wasn't tired...normally I can only run for about a minute or 2...but this morning something came over me and I just kept on going...I jogged for 11minutes straight! I can't even tell you how big the smile was on my face! I jogged almost an entire mile. I think I had about 0.4 miles to go, but at that point I had pushed myself to keep going and I was happy with jogging for 11minutes!

I am definitely back on track with my exercising...I hit a rough patch for a week or so, but I am back and totally excited!!! I hope everyone has a great week this week! As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!


Monday, March 7, 2011


Ok so apparently I was completely spoiled when I went to FL because I was doing my work outs outside almost everyday and the weather was amazing and I couldn't get enough of it! Well now that I am back home, I have yet to go into my basement and get on the treadmill. I would walk out side but the weather is still a bit chilly here in MD to the point where it actually snowed a little bit last night. Anyways, I have been so UNmotivated to do my work outs because I don't want to be in the basement...I want to be outside! Not that I don't want to work out because I really do, just not in the basement!

So this morning I took one of the four dogs that we have for a walk down our driveway and to the end of the street...which is about the size of 2 football fields...totally not enough I know. I would definitely go further its just the fact thats its COLD outside and  I had the puppy with me so hes still afraid of different noises and things outside. So I decided that I am going to make it a point today to walk all four dogs, and hopefully it will warm up outside and that way I can walk further and really get a good work out in! I am going to make sure that I am on top of everything this week including my diet. I am going to make sure that all of my fluids get in as well!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and now lets have a great week out there and shed those extra pounds together!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheese Chips Anyone?!

Last night my mom and I decided to go to support group. I have been wanting to go and my doctors office has support group once a week every thursday from about 6:30 to 8:30pm. Its held at the hospital about 10 minutes from our home. So my mom usually works late on thursdays because she works about an hour away. But I had told her in the beginning of the week that I was going to go to support group this thursday whether she wanted to come with me or not. So she came and we had a great experience.

Anyways, a lady in the support group last night brought up a question that we have all heard before and I thought I would share it with all of you. She asked about what to do late at night when she gets hungry? So everyone shared a little something and I am sharing this with you because I don't know if anyone has heard of Cheese Chips but last night was my first time hearing about them. So one lady said that when she gets hungry for something at night she makes cheese chips. So of course my mom and I look at each other and we ask "well what the hell are cheese chips?" The lady was telling us how you make them and all you do is take any kind of cheese and take a piece of parchment paper on a plate. Put the cheese on the parchment paper and put it in your microwave. Now to me it sounded pretty gross...I dont know why.

So today I was in the kitchen and I said to myself ok....a lot of times I CRAVE something crunchy and salty...well usually the only thing thats crunchy or salty is CARBS which is totally not my friend. So I decieded to try making cheese chips. Now the lady last night said she cooks hers for about 2-2 1/2 mins in the microwave. Well I tried mine for a minute and it was completely done and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! SO good. The best part is your eating cheese (usually low fat cheese of course) but they completey fill that craving of something crunchy and salty. So I used a low fat chedder cheese, but they said you could pretty much use any cheese you want. Play around with the numbers on your microwave because I am sure everyone microwave cooks a little different. But try them if you are interested. I really want to share that with all of you because I had never heard of cheese chips. It makes a great snack too like I said!

Ok so enough about cheese chips. I really want to share some photos with all of you. I have one old picture from the day of my surgery and then I have a couple from when I was a size 18 and then a couple from yesterday which I am now wearing a size 16. I can't even believe it! So enjoy the pictures...

October 6, 2010....Surgery Day...Weight 262lbs

Size 18 around 225lbs

Size 18 Side view

Size 16 216lbs

Size 16

Size 16 Side View
I hope you guys like the pictures...the ones in pink were done yesterday so they are the most recent. Keep up the GREAT work everyone and thank you again for being so supportive! I hope everyone has a great weekend as well!

As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doctors appointment

Well hello all,

Today I had a doctors appointment...5lbs down from my last appointment 3 weeks ago...woo hoo! I also found out today that when I first started with my physician my BMI was 44 and today my BMI is 34. Linda my physician assistant was so funny and said you don't even qualify for any surgeries anymore she said I was too skinny...haha so nice to hear that! So I know I told you guys before but my current weight is 216lbs. I don't even remember the last time I was at this weight. I am getting very excited because my first goal that I set for myself is very reachable at this point. After I reach my first goal of 199lbs I will then set a new goal for myself.

Well I hope all of you are doing fantastic! I know that you are because I have been reading several of your blogs! I hope everyone has a great wednesday and I just wanted to give you all a little update! Take good care and I will be back soon to write a longer blog. Have a great day all!!

As always lets shed those extra pounds together :o)