Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HUGE Accomplishment...

I have friends that seem to think getting the Lap Band is the easy way out. That after you get the Lap Band the weight just falls off and I don't have to do anything. I am sure all of us have heard this before. But I really just have to say the Lap Band doesn't make you exercise, it doesn't make you sick when you are eating somehting you aren't supposed to, it doesn't make you change your diet...all of these things WE have to do ourselves. The Lap Band is simply a tool to restrict how much we let into our bodies at one time. Do I choose to exercise? YES...Do I choose what gets put into my body and what doesn't? YES...Do I choose to change my old bad habits into good habits? YES. The Lap Band doesn't make these decisions for me.

Today I accomplished something that I have never done before. I jogged an entire mile on the treadmill this morning. I went to the gym with  my mom this morning and told myself that I wasn't going to jog because I was a little sore from jogging 11 mintues straight yesterday. So I was power walking this morning and I decided that I do want to jog. Did I think I was going to make it as long as I did yesterday? No not at all. But I suprised myself and went further. I jogged an entire mile in 14 and a half minutes. I cannot even begin to describe the glow on my face afterwards that I actually accomplished this. I am definitely sore now, but its so worth it!

I have NEVER jogged an entire mile in my life. The last time I was even told to run a mile was in high school in PE class where they made the students run a mile every friday. I never used to run it because I was over weight and because I didn't like the fact that they forced all the students to do this. It used to take me more than 20 mintues to complete a mile in high school.

This was such a huge accomplishment for me today and it only makes me want to work that much harder. My mom was right there on the treadmill next to me and after I told her I had just jogged a mile she couldn't believe it and was excited for me as well. The feeling I have is just amazing!

Ceejay left me a comment yesterday that said "isn't it exciting to think that you might actually be atheletic" I have to say its such an amazing feeling that I would NEVER think or consider myself to be athletic, but we are all working towards that goal and I am so excited to be able to consider myself atheletic. I am not there yet, but I am getting there and I will get there in the future!

Thank you guys for all of your support! I truely love that there is always a support system waiting for me whenever I open my laptop! I couldn't make this journey without all of you so Thank you! I hope everyone has a great tuesday and lets shed those extra pounds together!!



  1. AMEN sista! WE use the tool to accomplish our goals! We could just as easy ignore the rules and never exercise!

    WAY TO GO ON THE JOGGING! AWESOME. I think you have just inspired me to truly try and run on the treadmill. I have been wanting and saying I will try it, but I am scared! But I think I will try it this week! Thanks!

  2. Way to go!! That is so awesome, I think you are so inspiring!!

  3. Wow ..that IS a brilliant achievement. I would love to be able to do that....it would be great for anyone who thinks lap-bands do all the work for you to read this and see YOU did all this work for you!

  4. AMAZING JOB MISHKIE!! MAZEL TOV!! I knew you could do it. It is so wonderful how determined you are! I think you need to become a motivational speaker lol. Your blogs are truly inspiring. Just reading about your accomplishments it makes me want to get up and make a difference. Again, I couldn't be happier for you! I miss you so much! Love ya!