Monday, March 14, 2011

11 minute Jog...

Happy Monday everyone!!

As you all know I have been complaining about working out in my basement...haha. Well this past weekend was gorgeous! Saturday was my moms birthday and we spent most of the day in baltimore with my grandma just due to the fact that my dad had to help her with some things. So while my dad was helping my grandma my mom and I decided we were going to go out around the neighborhood and walk. We walked 3 miles and it felt so good to be outside and walking!

Sunday was even more gorgeous so my parents and my boyfriend and I took the dogs to the park and walked about a mile and a half. I actually jogged a little bit which was my first time since losing weight that I was able to even jog outside! Amazing feeling!

My mom belongs to a gym and I am really interested in joining. I hear all of you talk about zumba classes and some of you do spinning and I have never done either. So my mom got me a week free at her gym, and then of course if I like it im going to join. So this morning I got up with my mom and we went to the gym. There weren't any classes that I could do this morning so we went on my best friend...the treadmill. Its nice though because each treadmill is hooked up to its own TV so all of you have to do is bring a pair of headphones and you can watch what you want.

So im walking on the treadmill and I have been so in the mood to jog lately and Im not sure why. So I started jogging...dont get me wrong I am definteily still at a slow paced run, but for some reason this mornig when I was jogging, I wasn't tired...normally I can only run for about a minute or 2...but this morning something came over me and I just kept on going...I jogged for 11minutes straight! I can't even tell you how big the smile was on my face! I jogged almost an entire mile. I think I had about 0.4 miles to go, but at that point I had pushed myself to keep going and I was happy with jogging for 11minutes!

I am definitely back on track with my exercising...I hit a rough patch for a week or so, but I am back and totally excited!!! I hope everyone has a great week this week! As always, lets shed those extra pounds together!!



  1. Congrats on your run Mishkie! That's awesome! I'm glad you were able to get out of the house to do a couple of workouts. It gets rough when you're inside all day long - and I'm guessing you are just like me, so you start to go a little stir-crazy from being inside all day long! Good news - nice weather is right around the corner! It has been beautiful down here in FL though (I don't mean to brag :))... I guess you will just have to come visit again!

    Anyway, I'm proud of ya! It's funny how the treadmill is your bestfriend, but my WORST ENEMY LOL. Keep up the fabulous work! Love ya!

  2. Congrats on your jogging, that is a great accomplishment!!

  3. Good for you! Isn't exciting to think that you might actually be athletic! Awesome!!!

  4. WOW! Congrats on the 11 minutes! That must have felt amazing!!!!