Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My complaining paid off..

Okay so I know I was completely complaining this morning about the scale not moving at all...BUT I have to tell you guys, this morning I weighed myself on my scale at home with the clothes on that I was going to go to the doctors office in and I weighed in at 209.6lbs...well my appointment wasn't until 1pm and I usually go  to my appointments in the early morning because I don't like to eat or drink before my appointment...well I probably didn't do a very good thing by not eating or drinking anything until my appointment today but it paid off! I got the doctor and weighed in at 207.0lbs...FINALLY I get to my 207...almost to ONEderland!! I know it was accurte because I also weighed myself again on my scale before I left home so its not at all that the scales are scale is accurate with my doctors that would be 72lbs lost ;o) SO excited!!

Also I have to say, Thank you so much for all of your positive and truely inspiring comments!! It means so much to me and I thank you all so much for your support through this journey!! Keep up the great work out there!!



  1. 7 tiny lbs away from wonderland! ONLY 7. No time woman, no time!

  2. You'll soon be in ONEDERLAND ! Hurray!

  3. Woohoo! Almost there! You can totally do it! Take a picture of the number on the scale and post it for us will ya?! It's something I'm waiting to see for myself. :)