Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Weekend...

Hey everyone...I thought I would give you all a weekend update. This weekend has been SO beautiful! Except this wonderful Sunday it was supposed to be nice and now its very cloudy with rain :o( At least we had a really nice day yesterday. I started playing golf with my mom, but instead of using the Golf cart around the course we like to walk it, so not only are we getting exercise from playing the game, but we walk the entire course as well, which I love doing anyways!!

I had a great week of weight loss, I know I was stuck for a little while and I just have to say Thank you to all of you for your positive comments, it means so much to me and I really love seeing how all of you are doing out there!! I am keeping up with all of your blogs and you guys are truely inspiring to me and it just keeps me going! So thank you!

As for my weight loss, I am down 2 more pounds from this past my new numbers are in at 205lbs...getting closer to my first goal of being under 200lbs!! So I am at a total weight loss of 74lbs...woo hoo!! Almost there I can feel it! haha

I hope all of you have a great weekend (whats left of it) and a great week this week! And I had a request to take a picture of the scale and I promise to do that as soon as I hit my first goal which will be 199...And I will have new pictures coming as well!! Have a great week out there! As always lets shed those extra pounds together!!



  1. Hard to be patient when nothing seems to be happening but you have been rewarded with a great LOSS. I can't wait to see you post that 199! You're so nearly there....its great...not long now!

  2. We are so close! You see so cheerful and I love that! I'm watching ya and excited right along with you!

  3. Yay for 74 pounds! That is incredible!