Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Problems with Blogging...

Hey everyone, really quick, I am not sure if anyone is having any issues with blogging today, but for some reason I can't commet on anyones blog AND I can't get to the website with using http://www.blogspot.com/ I actually have to go to my web page and then go to my home page...so is anyone else having issues??? haha I have wanted to make comments on your blogs out there, but I can't so please bare with me.

I know Amanda over at Life of a (hopeful) loser was having a bad day and I tried to leave a comment Amanda so I will just leave it here...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't ever think for one second that you haven't changed, you look fabulous! I know its hard to see for yourself sometimes, I think that we all do that...because we still see ourselves as heavy. Im so sorry you didn't have a great time with your friends, I really wish I was going to the BOOBS convention just so I could meet you and make you feel better! Stay positive and know that you have done EXTREMELY well and you look fantastic!!

Let me know if anyone else is having problems...haha and if you can't leave a comment then I guess I know I am not the only one having issues.

Thanks everyone...


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  1. I was having the same problems with blogger yesterday, I think it was related to using Chrome as my browser. It's all better today!