Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The little things count too...

So I have noticed these past few weeks that a couple of things are changing on my body. Not just my weight. What I mean by this is I actually am starting to see my collar bone, something I haven't seen in a couple of years. When I was in college taking anatomy and physiology, I always remember my instructor who used to tell all of her students that the sexiest part on a female was the collar bone. I am actually starting to see why and its such a great feeling. There is also the fact of actually being able to see my wrist bone. Another great feeling especially because my boyfriend, Bryan, used to not be able to fit his hand around my wrist and now he always says my wrists are getting so tiny! TINY?! Something I never thought possible (even though we are only talking about my wrists). Not to mention the ring Bryan gave me as a promise for the future, its too big on my finger now. Size 8 ring. And my favorite of all that I just noticed a couple of days ago and I am sure you all are going to think I am crazy, but that little triangle that you can see between your legs when they aren't touching!!! These are all such great feelings to me and it makes me want to work that much harder! I am sure all of you have discovered some of these as well. It makes it fun because you never know what your going to discover next on your body! Thats why I like to say that the little things count too ;o)

This week I have really been focusing on my exercising and drinking all of my fluids and really making sure that my diet is up to par. I feel like I have been stuck around the 230s for too long so I am really hoping to see a number drop this week. Its just frustrating to know that you are working hard and although I may be losing inches which is very important to me too, I still want that number on the scale to drop as well.

I hope everyone is doing great and as always lets shed those pounds together!


  1. I'm so thrilled for you - and agree that all these new findings keep us all motivated to do more - Let do this!!

  2. The little things totally count!!! Great job and giving yourself the proper kudos!