Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Not sure if you guys knew or not, but my mom and I are in FL right now visiting my sister and her boyfriend for a week! Let me just say I have missed my sister so much. I talk about her all the time in blogs and its just hard being far away from each other because we are so close. But anyways, the weather is amazing here! Its been in the 70s and there is the perfect amount of breeze and its just beautiful here!

I do have to say I am getting my exercise in and I am finally able to go outside and enjoy a nice power walk instead of being in the basement on the treadmill alone. Don't get me wrong I love my work outs on my treadmill, but its jus so nice being outside and getting a little sun and 4.8 miles in! Not at one time but this morning my mom and I did a little over 2 mile walk because my sister was in school and then when she came home we drove over to this park that is close to her house and did 2 laps around the park which was another 2.5 miles so all together today we have walked about 4.8 miles which is such an amazing feeling! Even my mom commented this morning when we were walking and she said "I hate to tell you michelle, but you are walking so much better than what you used to walk" Its so good to hear those things!

I haven't seen my sister since November (Thanksgiving) and when she picked my mom and I up at the airport she just couldn't believe I was the same person. Now Rachel and I skype on the computer a lot and we are able to see each other, but you know its always different in person.

Not sure exactly what my weight is, but I did ask my sister if she had a scale so I am going to continue walking and eating healthy and really drinking my fluids and then I will weigh myself right before I leave to go back home next week! This could be a big weigh in for me, I could be looking at the teen numbers and out of the 20s for good! I am very excited!!

I hope all of you are having a great week and as always, lets shed those extra pounds together!



  1. You sounds so happy!!! I am lucky to live near my sister by an hour. But that wasn't always the case! We have so become closer as we have aged!

  2. Where in Florida are you? I'm in the West Palm Beach area.

  3. Enjoy your family and you wonderful trip to Florida!!

  4. @ Stephanie - I am in the Melbourne area...not sure how far away that is from West Palm Beach (I have never been to that area but I know its a beautiful place!!)

  5. Girl you inspire me! I just have to tell you that... seriously. Grant says you (i) have to get on the SPIN train... he swears by it now. haha

  6. Hi Michelle. I've enjoyed reading your blog. With your optimism and postive thinking I know you are going to get to goal! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  7. Michelle, BOOBS is the name of a group of us lap band bloggers. It means "Band of outrageous babes". We met last Sept. in Chicago. We are doing it again! Go to the B.O.O.B.S blog and read all about the trip. You can email Stephanie and she will put you on the list if you want to attend. I hope you do!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    It looks like Miss Vickie beat me to the punch about BOOBs. Hope you will think about joining us this yeat. I just starting blogging around the time everyone was headed to last year's event so I missed meeting everyone, so I am really looking forward to this September! Hope to see you there.

    I also notice that you were banded 2 days after I was. How is it going for you?