Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Low...

Well its friday morning and I have been waiting for friday to come for a couple of days now. It was my weigh in day today. I haven't weighed myself in over a week. Actually the last time I was weighed was at my doctors office I believe last tuesday or wednesday. There I weighed in at 229.0lbs. I guess you could say I wasn't thrilled about thtat just because the time before I went to my doctors office I was 232.0lbs. That was a month previous to my 229. My lowest that I had gotten to during that time was 226.8lbs so I was thrilled to be going to the doctor to show them my awesome numbers....yeah...the morning of my doctors appt. I got on my scale and I had gained 3lbs! When I had also weighed myself 2 days before that and my number was still reading 226.8lbs. Anyways I found out being a woman isn't too easy...ovulation makes you gain weight apparantly so I was retaining fluids like no other!

Anyways, I decied I wasn't going to show my doctors another sorry 3lb loss even though they were happy that I lost 3lbs I wasn't happy because I knew what my other low was. So since I came back from my doctors office I have been working out on the treadmill every morning doing a little over 2miles each day an burning almost 300calories at a time. AWESOME feeling by the way. I made sure that I was reaching my fluid intake of 64oz of fluids everyday and I also made sure that my diet was on track. I wrote in my food journal everyday to make sure that whatever I was eating I was also writing.

Last week I also got a fill of 0.5cc in my band. Let me tell you, now I know why they want me to chew. I have not thrown up yet (knock on wood) but I definitely feel the restriction and I am hoping that won't need another fill for a while. My next appointment is Feb. 9th. So lets get down to it...I am finally at a new low in my weight. As of this morning my weight is currently 224.0lbs which is down 5lbs from weighing in at the docs office! I was all smiles this morning when I saw this number because it tells me that my hard work is definitely paying off! I am hoping to lose a little bit more if possible before my doctors appt on the 9th!

Sorry you all had to read my long story...haha my sister always makes fun of me and asks me why I have to have a story with everything I say. But I was excited about the number this morning so I had to make sure to tell her every little detail, like I am sharing with you all right now as well. So sorry Rachel for having to read this all over again but thats the duty of a sister!

I also just wanted to let you all know that my sister has a blog as well only she is on the cooking aspect of her blog which is called  For the Love of Food! Rachel is an amazing cook! Right now she is very into the Vegan diet, however she has many delicious recipes on her blog, some of them very healthy, some not. But she is always willing to try new things so if there is something that you are looking for or a recipe that you want to make healthy, shes definitely the one to ask! She can pretty much do it all! Usually when I want a substitute for something or anything, I ask her!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thank you for following my blog and being so supportive!! Lets all keep up the good work and shed those extra pounds together!!



  1. Congrats on the loss! That is an amazing feeling!! Especially when your hardwork is paying off.

  2. Your hard work is definately paying off!! Congrats!

  3. try not to be so hard on yourself! a loss is a loss. you are moving in the right direction. and no worries on your "long" story, i'm pretty sure no one talks more than i do.

  4. Mishkie, I am so happy for you these days.... but I agree - you are way too hard on yourself! Unfortunately though, sometimes being hard on yourself pushes you to work harder - it comes with the good and the bad. You are doing great though and all your hard work shows! I'm always here for you! Love ya!

  5. Great loss! :) I hope I can get that amount of weight off with my recent fill!