Monday, February 7, 2011

Possible Fill...

So this wednesday, I have another appointment with my doctors office. The last time I went was Jan. 26th so about 2 weeks. The last time I went I had a fill of 0.5cc which leaves me with 5.7cc all together in my band. I definitely feel the restriction from this past fill and have had a few issues with remembering to chew, but other than that no vomiting or anything, maybe just a bit of discomfort when I don't remember to chew thoroughly. I told myself that I wasn't going to get another fill for a while, but now I am thinking that I want another small fill. I am not too sure what to do. I don't want my band to be too tight, but I also don't want it to be not tight enough. My appetite is still really good, so I may just do a mall fill of either  0.2cc or 0.3cc...I know that everyone is different, but does anyone know what im kinda going through? If you did, please tell me what you decided to do and if it worked or if you had to get fluid removed. Thanks guys!!

I enjoyed an awesome workout this morning. I actually jogged this morning! WOW! ME?! Jogging!? crazy! It wasn't for very long, but I tried jogging last thursday and I only lasted about a minute. This morning I actually jogged for 4 minutes. I was very proud of myself! I did 2.23miles on the treadmill this morning and burned about 290calories. This morning I am drinking a protein shake for breakfast, as I normally do and just trying to enjoy the day.

Big weigh in at the doctors this week...hopefully I can put an awesome number on their scale! Thank you to all of you who follow my blog...and as always lets shed those extra pounds together!!



  1. I will jog one day. Right now I am scared. I have no fill advice as I am new to the whole thing butni would go with your gut. I think I will have another one on the 15th. Maybe 1cc. We'll see.

  2. Congrats on the running Mishkie! Glad you are improving! I wish I could run... LOL. And I hope you can figure out whether adding fluid is a good choice. Unfortunately I can't give any advice, I wish I could! Love ya!

  3. In general you want a cup of food to keep you full for 3-4 hours. If you are hungry more often than that then you probably need a fill.

    Great job with the running. I bet your weigh in will be fantastic!

  4. I jogged for 30 seconds x 6 times this evening :o) It is such a great feeling to be actually able to do that!! I had four minutes of fast walking inbetween each set, but is a start!! Congrats on your 4 minutes :o)

  5. I jogged the other day for about 3 minutes straight, I can definitely relate to the awesome superwoman feeling you get! :) Keep up the great work.